A quick guide of LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know that 1.8 million New Zealanders have a LinkedIn Page? Our LinkedIn page is like an online resume, but it's more than that, it is a sales page that can set you a part from your competition and allow the perfect role to find you.

Whether you are starting from scratch or updating, here is a quick list of Do's and Don'ts.

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for building your personal brand, a way to introduce yourself to the industries, companies and decision makers like never before.

When done well, you can show up in searches, be head hunted and end up in the perfect role. All this before you’ve updated your CV or even looked at SEEK. However, done incorrectly, it could be the difference between interviewing for a role or not even making the cut.

OK, let’s get started. Cup of tea ready?

The DO’s of LinkedIn

  1. Do have a Profile – if you aren’t part of the LinkedIn community, please put aside a couple of hours this month and build yourself a profile. You have to be in it to win it, right?
  2. Do have a Professional photo on your account. No Facebook party photos allowed! Think Real Estate, Business card or similar.
  3. Do Promote yourself in your summary. This section is a window into you overall career, goals, strengths and aspirations. So, take the time to write it well and sell yourself.
  4. Do keep Active on LinkedIn. The more active you are, the more visible you profile will be, improving your chances of showing up in searches.  Share articles, like relevant posts and follow companies and people of interest and of relevance to your industry.
  5. Do Download the app – its easy and ensures you remain active (see above)
  6. Do use Keywords – not as technical as you think. Be mindful of the words that describe your industry, skill set, position and inspirational position. Use these words often throughout your profile. This way, if people are searching for a candidate with your skills, you will show up.
  7. Do have a Personality. Yes, this is professional profile, however you want to be attracted by the right kind of people and work place culture.
  8. Do have Confidence when inviting people to connect. It’s worthwhile connecting with as many colleagues, friends, school mates and acquaintances as you can. This again will help you stand out in searches.
  9. Do list your Skills. Be confident and list as many as you have, have had, or use. Over time these will be endorsed by your connections and will help pin point your main strengths for onlookers. Be sure to update these regularly too.

And the Don’ts of LinkedIn

  1. Don’t Waffle. Get to the point, list your skills and make sure your profile makes future employers want you.
  2. Don’t Lower the Tone. Keep the memes and funny videos for Facebook and be sure to promote and represent your professional self. Remember, the internet NEVER forgets.
  3. Don’t be Fooled. LinkedIn has some amazing packages available for a monthly fee. Yes, enjoy the free monthly trial, but be sure to read the small print.
  4. Don’t be Silent. Comment on articles and posts and get noticed. You never know where a comment can lead.
  5. Don’t Apply for your next role without one!


You can open yourself to the job market without actually looking? By turning on our Job Recommendations  we automatically receive emails about jobs that suit us. This would class you as a passive candidate.

Virtue Consulting shows you how to let recruiters know that you're open to the job market.

Flick the switch to become a passive job hunter.

Also, clicking into our career interests on your profile you can switch on ‘Let recruiters know you’re open’ and let the job offers come to you! This a discreet way of saying to the universe… i’m not not interested! (Unless you’re a recruiter, then it will let your company know you are looking…oops!)

We hope you have found a few little gems in here and good luck with your new or improved profile. If you’ve done a good job, you may even end up in one of our next searches! Or, beat us to it by applying for one of our vacancies today!