Temping – A temporary solution or a permanent lifestyle

Have you ever wanted to get into the Financial Services Industry but been knocked back due to lack of industry exposure? You may have the transferable skill set, but there is always another candidate who has more relevant experience? Temping is a great option if you want to fast-track your industry experience, network with decision makers and gain valuable exposure within some Auckland's most desired businesses.

As a Consultancy who deals within the sought after world of Financial Services and Banking, we know how hard it can be to move into this industry if you don’t have relevant experience. Yes, our clients may look at your CV, however you will often be pipped at the post by someone who has the relevant industry experience that you need and so desire.


Whether you are a career temp, between roles, studying, testing the waters, working part time or travelling; temping is a great way to earn money, network with new companies and gain valuable industry experience. All whilst demonstrating and adding to your transferable skillset.

Benefits of Temping


  • Earn whilst you study – Earn money whilst gaining valuable experience within your desired industry. Work & earn more during your holidays and less during term time.
  • Visa Holders – Temping allows you to gain NZ experience and work within the scope of your Visa needs.
  • Parents – Work around school holidays and term times; apply for long term temp roles that work within the school term perimeters.


  • Industry experience – Experience different aspects of the financial services industry and gain valuable exposure to a range positions, software, processes and procedures; thus enhancing your offering to relevant companies.
  • Transferable Skills– Providing future employers with a relevant, yet diverse, list of skills and an adaptable work ethic, will help demonstrate your flexibility and adaptability within their working environment. Also, you never know when the software you have used in a temp role will help you land that desired permanent role.
  • It’s Who you know not What– Temping gives you the ability to build a network of industry contacts, whom you might want to call upon in the future. Be reliable, turn up on time, do what is asked and get to know people. Be the temp they remember and ask for next time.

Plus, did you know more than 70% of our long-term temps in 2018 turned into permanent employees? Temping is a serious option if there is a company you have your eye on. Make an impression and be remembered. Ensure the right people know your career aspirations and back your talent. 

When did you last give your staff the thumbs up?

Straight from the Temps Mouth

The main reason I love temping and everything it offers? It has worked for me….

2009 – The stop gap

Leaving a job in Australia, I came back to NZ to apply for a UK Visa. With approximately a 2 month wait on my hands, serious money was needed. Temping has always been an option of interest and I applied for a 6 week assignment and started on the Monday. Six weeks came and went quickly and the Visa was still not accepted. After 6 weeks of showing up, working hard and networking; the company offered a me a couple more weeks within another department; allowing me to work and earn right up until leaving NZ, with the added flexibility of allowing a one day notice period.

Flexibility | New Skills | New Industry | Earning $$

2016 – The return

Fat forward seven years, I returned to NZ with new experiences, an enhanced skill set and new career aspirations. It was hard to know where my knowledge and skill set would ‘place’ me in the changed NZ working environment, so I applied for some temping assignments to test the waters.

After a long discussion about the ideal role and industry; I was offered a non relevant temporary role within a highly desired company.  During these three weeks, it was important to take the initiative and make my mark within the company. You have to work hard, be adaptable and show an interest in the company and other people’s positions; make it your goal to get to know management and key decision makers. During the assignment, I was clear about what I was looking for in my next career step and that they were the type of company I wanted to work for.

The assignment ended and we parted on excellent terms. A Linked In invite and a couple of emails later, the right position became available and I was the first person they called.

New Skills | Industry Experience | Key Contacts | Career Prospects | New role

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Variety is the spice of life

SO, many of these options are great if you are looking at temping as a temporary option. But what about life as a career temp?

The life of a career temp is full of new challenges, new objectives, new people and new companies. Some assignments may last months, others a week; and we can’t guarantee you will LOVE everyone. However, if variety is the spice of life and a work life balance & the ultimate flexibility is what you are after; the life of a career temp might be right for you!

If you are the type of temp who ‘hits the ground running’ we want to hear from YOU!

For more information about becoming one of Virtue Consulting’s AMAZING temps, please contact rebecca@virtueconsulting.co.nz or join our LINKEDIN network to keep up to date with assignments.