Monday 2nd April – A night of reflection?

Post Easter Get Up & Go? Or Post Easter Hangover? A thought or two upon reflection from Virtue Consulting's newest team member. Is it time to be looking for a new role? Or are you happy with where you are?

As Virtue Consulting’s newest team member and Marketing Manager, I spent my Monday night reflecting on the week ahead in a positive light. However, a good friend of mine did not share my mind set.

Easter 2018 was a big one! It was the end of daylight savings, the end of the fiscal year and our final long weekend for a while. On the plus side, most of us enjoyed AMAZING weather! So, how did you feel at the end of it?

Carpe Deim

After a lovely long Easter weekend, the extra hour we gained from daylights savings and the warm and sunny days we enjoyed, you were enjoying your Monday evening and looking forward to the short but GREAT week ahead. You may have been thinking about the bonus you had earned from a successful 2017-2018 and how you were going to spend it.


Hangover Central

Dwelling on the final days of summer coming to a close, only one more long weekend left until October (what?!) You don’t think you’ll get that end of year bonus you had hoped for. And then there’s the procrastination about week ahead.. 4 days is still too long!

A girl procrastinating about her Monday at work. Let Virtue Consulting making your Monday's better.

The post long weekend ponder – am I where I want to be?


Work/Life Balance

The three day weekend is something we all love to look forward to. The ideal split of earning/ working time vs life/ spending and family. So after this amazing 4 days weekend, we should have all been more than ready to return back to the office right? If yes, amazing! For many of us, it is the little breather we needed to get ready for the next quarter. However, for others, Monday may have brought about the usual procrastination of ‘work tomorrow’ (sigh)

With the end of the fiscal year, we have to think… was it a good one? Did I meet my targets and KPIs? Did the company meet theirs’? Will I get that bonus I was banking on? Have I earned what I expected? Is my job still the job for me? It is a lot to think about, but we work on average 250 days per year, that’s 68%. Plus, when better to do it than when the fiscal years intercepts with a 4 day sunny weekend?

Get to the point

This piece isn’t about dwelling though. Sometimes you read a blog entry like this and think, how lucky am I to love what I do! However, if you had these feelings of dread, it is completely in your power to change it. Find a new challenge, be pro-active, sink your teeth into something different and exciting, you can even check out our jobs here if you feel ready! It may sound like a cliche, but our job as recruiters, especially at Virtue Consulting, is to help you find a role and career path that suits you. We are here to give you career advice if you need it and pride ourselves on the personal touch.

Our Motto: Candidates today are our clients of tomorrow. 

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spoiler alert- ‘If you are reading this,  it is time to move on’