• Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – Why should I work for you?

    It has never been more important to have a strong Employee Value Proposition. You’re hearing it a lot, and may have experienced it too: finding new talent is hard right now and retaining your top talent will become more challenging as companies offer more and more above the ‘asking offer’. Ensure your EVP is the MPV with these updated tips for retaining and attracting top talent for a strong 2022.

  • Recruitment Update – Virtue(al) Consulting

    After 8 weeks in lockdown, you would expect recruitment to have come to a stand still across Auckland. However, this is not the case. Yes, there are some adaptations and the momentum in which we get from start to finish may have changed, but good companies are still locking for top talent. Positions are still readily available, clients are interviewing via Zoom and Teams and job offers are still going out. Here’s an idea of what to expect when recruiting or job hunting in this market.

  • Market Update – September 2021

    MARKET UPDATE | “Our world inside the hiring market is often an early indicator around changes in business confidence, so during lockdown, I’m often asked how busy we are, and what the market doing.” Here’s an insight from Virtue’s Director, Chris Heswall about some of the changes within the financial services and job markets and how the market is adapting to the current climate

  • Referees and References – The Who, What, When, Where & Why

    The job is yours, pending references… Now to choose the right referee, with the right position and knowledge to ensure you get the role! Although referees aren’t something you necessarily think about, they are a very important part of the job application process; the final piece of the puzzle in fact. Let’s fill in the gaps about referees and references and how to ensure you get the job!

  • Handy hints for working from home

    There is no ‘one size fits all approach to working from home, especially if your home is not set up with a designated office. Instead you have to try new things, adapt and adjust and if you keep at it, you will find what works for you. The main thing to remember is to go easy on yourself and if something isn’t working, adjust. This is a new challenge, one that your team members are a part of, so ask for help if you need it. Communicate, connect and don’t take on the challenge alone.

  • Diversity and Inclusion in 2020 – What needs to be done

    Diversity and Inclusion has been an ideology and a conversation that has increased in momentum over the past couple of years. So what is it to be an inclusive and diverse workplace, why is it so important to a company’s culture and what are other companies doing to promote Diversity and Inclusion within their workplace?

  • Acing the Interview Process

    Depending on the role you are looking at, the first interview will be with either a Recruitment Consultant or directly with the business. No matter who you are meeting, the rules are the same – this is your time to shine and impress.

  • Beat the workplace winter blues – How to survive August and stride into September!

    The Winter Blues – It seems, grey & dark on the outside can often turn into grey on the inside. A lack of external light leads to a lack of internal light and many of us find it harder and harder to fight the work day slump. However, it doesn’t have to be doom and gloom! With a little thought and some pro activeness, here are some fun ways you can beat the winter blues and bring your colleagues along for the ride!