• Temping – A temporary solution or a permanent lifestyle

    Have you ever wanted to get into the Financial Services Industry but been knocked back due to lack of industry exposure? You may have the transferable skill set, but there is always another candidate who has more relevant experience? Temping is a great option if you want to fast-track your industry experience, network with decision makers and gain valuable exposure within some favoured businesses around Auckland.

  • Applying for a job this month? Here are a few CV tips & reminders

    Recruitment is always at it’s busiest this time of year. New year aspirations teamed with post holiday reflection sees many people to update their CV’s and begin the job hunt. However, along with a buoyant candidate market comes an inundation of applications and CV’s. So, how do you stand out from the crowd of online applicants?

  • 5 days and counting…

    Many of us will have walked into the office with an added spring in our step this morning. Afterall, traffic is flowing, the sun is shining and the holidays are so close, we can almost touch them. Remember though, there are still 5 days left of the working year and these 5 days maybe be hard for some team members than others.

  • Whats more important in today’s market? IQ or EQ?

    As recruiters, it is our job to think outside the box. We look at an employer, workplace dynamics and a job description and find the perfect person to put forward for the role. I grew up thinking it was your IQ that would set you a part in the workplace, a high IQ would get you ahead. Whereas in the real world, you need to read people and situations to really succeed.

  • The Power of Praise. It’s worth more than money yet costs nothing.

    The Power of Praise. Too often in the workplace we see staff members who feel undervalued and under appreciated. Yes, people get paid to go to work, but as we have seen time and time again, money alone is rarely enough. Compliments, recognition and positive reinforcement cost nothing, yet are some of our most valuable commodities in business. So where are companies going wrong and why are companies not making the most of ‘the power of praise’?

  • Remuneration – What’s your currency?

    As a busy new mum and small business owner, I was looking for more than just $$ when looking for my next role. Life is busy and unpredictable, especially with a 7 month old baby, so I needed an employer who was willing to be flexible. Modern day life is rarely just about the $$ anymore, so when thinking about your remuneration package, what’s your currency?