• How often should I change jobs?

    Back in the early 90’s I attended a “long service” presentation where several employees proudly received gold watches for 25 years service. As a new recruit in my first job, I remember wondering if I’d ever find myself in the same position…..

  • Avoiding invites from “Fake” LinkedIn Profiles

    Connecting with a fake profile does nothing to enhance the validity and quality of any professional LinkedIn network, so this got me thinking are some Recruiters or Hiring Managers so driven to become more “connected” that quality control goes out the window? Or do some people have their eyes closed when they hit the invite “accept” button? I suspect it might be a combination of both!

  • The Magical Referral

    Business opportunities through word of mouth referrals is a cornerstone of success in any industry, but in the competitive world of recruiting in a talent short market, client or candidate referrals are like GOLD! Yet the effort required to fashion the building blocks of quality referral networks is often dismissed by administrative beanies counting the time and cost involved, or transactional Recruiters who only want to know anyone if there’s a quick fee involved!

  • Choking on Behavioural Interviews or Psych Testing?

    In today’s constantly evolving world of recruitment, Behavioral based Interviews combined with Psychometric Testing have become almost standard procedure across any robust recruitment process. How a Candidate responds to these assessments during a recruitment process generally has a major influence on an Employers hiring decision.